About the Chamber


The Greater Fire Island Pines Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 2002. It consists of over thirty local businesses, all duly licensed and insured as necessary to serve the residents and visitors of the Fire Island Pines Community. All members of the Greater Fire Island Pines Chamber of Commerce are dedicated to serving the needs of the community by providing essential professional services and supporting the community's infrastructure.

In addition to each individual member so serving the community through their vocations, the Greater Fire Island Pines Chamber of Commerce seeks to provide the community with advocacy and liasonship with local officials, to help the community realize important growth goals and to generally enhance the place within which we work.


As a member of the Greater Fire Island Pines Chamber of Commerce, I agree to abide by all the following conditions:

  1. The buying public shall, at all times, be the outstanding obligation of each member of the Chamber of Commerce;
  2. Give my clients an honest price for all services I will be providing to them;
  3. Provide my clients with a fair written and approved estimate for all work to be completed, including extra charges for any additional work or service;
  4. Strive to operate in an open, fair and business like manner with all my clients and competing businesses;
  5. Obtain and maintain any and all licenses and permits required to conduct my business;
  6. Do all in my power to futher the purposes of this Chamber, and work in good faith with all fellow Chamber members at all times;
  7. Work in cooperative manner with the community organizations for the betterment of the community, and;
  8. Agree to maintain confidentiality of all internal Chamber business.


  • President: PJ McAteer
  • 1st Vice President: Ken Stein
    Sayville Ferry Service
  • 2nd Vice President: Tom Esposito
    Tony's Barge Service
  • Secretary:Douglas Teague
    C.F. LaFountaine, Inc.
  • Treasurer: Pamela Werner
    Suffolk County Bank


  • Jamie Blumenthal of Perfect Pool Patio
  • Walter Boss of Walter Boss Inc.
  • Bob Howard of Bob Howard Real Estate
  • Michael Jaggi of Flower Girls Inc.
  • Walter Reich of WR Land Management
  • Joyce Reich of JR Land Management


  • By-Laws: D. Teague, W. Reich, K. Pfoh
  • Budget & Finance: K. Stein
  • Membership: W. Reich
  • Community Affairs: D. Teague, W. Katen
  • Website: J. Gerbig
  • Executive: P.J. McAteer, T. Esposito, P. Werner, K. Pfoh, K. Stein


  • Boulevard: W. Boss